My means to help

This is the post excerpt.


This whole world of folks trying to hurt , to steal, pushing children towards drugs, even these individuals that take it to the point of having to kill others. To put it mildly is just out of control. We need to pull together as a whole. To bring people together. This whole black lives matter thing. Come on like they are the only people on the planet. Every person on this globe matters. We all need to bring each other up and stop the separation the insanity. We need to realize everyone that helping others will do so much more for the human race then any of a million other things. So I just am trying to do my part in showing my photos, my ideas of how life can be. Everyone of us have choices. How we can make things better or just watch everything come crashing down.

Do you want to be part of the disease or part of the cure…………..



The holiday season…

It’s here, the end of another year. Do you believe 2017 is already finished and inked into the history books. Time is a love of mine. Watching it, living it, being part of it. Is such an amazing thing. Understanding that it never stops, knowing you must keep yourself moving to keep up with it is awesome. I try to make myself keep up to speed. Get it ” time ” ” keep up to speed “. Haha so funny. But moving on, it is just a lifes work to be able to keep up with this kind of drive. Yes we all need rest when it calls. And the older I get the tuffer it gets. But I have people half my age try to keep up with me. You did get that, TRY to keep up right. So this is to wish everyone the very best Thankgiving and may it be full of joy.


How are all my friends….

Thank you for being out there. For being just whom you are. Sending the best to everyone and a wonderful thanksgiving  also. We all have moments when we believe we should throw in the towel. Where things have never been worse. Been there lived that. Hand in hand with the devil. You know what??? I have also didn’t like it, never going to go again….I am just to good to allow me to lose in such a bad way. So it is a total personal choice lose or get the hell up and show yourself. What you are all about. It takes so courage and a little thought and anything can be done….Peace to all, have a great holiday…A beautiful moment to part until next time….


How is everyone, fantastic right. If not just do a little adjustment and you will get there. It is a just how you look at things. 

So I just wanted to show everyone how things can be. If you just allow good to control your life. Being positive is so very important.. Don’t be an ole stone face. Change your direction change your life..